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Monifa Maat “The Healthy Motivator” introduces Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow ™

“Health motivation through aerobic innovation.” –Monifa Maat

Monifa Maat “The Healthy Motivator” introduces Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow ™ a unique and powerful “NO EXCUSE” workout routine that builds strength, burns fat, and increases flexibility– but the best part of it all? You don’t even have to leave your bed!

Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow ™ (BAFF) is a 30 minute 18-step sequence of callisthenic and flexibility exercise techniques linked in a smooth continuous motion flow. Each step is matched with a powerful biblical based affirmation reinforcing the role that positive thinking and faith plays in pursuing a fit and healthful lifestyle!

Why BAFF works:

  • Offers a morning and evening “no excuses” workout routine that actually helps you get fit!
  • Serves as cross-training exercise component to prepare the body for more strenuous forms of exercise such as jogging or weightlifting
  • Assists people with physical limitations to improve overall flexibility and strength
  • Includes a dynamic pre-workout facial toning exercise and closing meditation for total body, mind and spirit rejuvenation!
  • Helps to improve general health through daily mental, physical and spiritual conditioning


Real Life Testimonials

I am 62 years old and I do work out on a regular basis, however, doing the exercises in your book Bed Aerobics and attending the classes have been a blessing for me. I have a problem with my knees, I can’t do floor exercises on my knees because its painful. With the Bed Aerobics my knees don’t hurt and I still get the same benefit of the workout. I have been doing the face exercises as well and have notice the a different in the tone of my face. The best thing about this book/class is I don’t have to get out of bed to do these exercises and the results are amazing. You have done a remarkable thing. I will pass on the good news to friends & family regarding Bed Aerobics excellent benefits, especially my older friends.

Hattie I., Bronx NY

Bed Aerobics is the answer, I find it a challenging cross between Yoga and Pilates. There’s lots of stretching, breathing and a range of motion that is not difficult but I feel it as a total body workout. The routine was easy and challenging at the same time…yep, it’s a 30 or 35 min workout I can certainly remember and repeat twice a day!”

Dorothy H., Bronx, NY

… I picked up the Bed Aerobic book because I was looking for an easy way to get my work out on… and this is it! Now, I really have no excuse not to exercise because I can do it right in my bed. This is a genius idea and I’m actually starting to see results in the toning and flexibility of my body. Plus, the bonus part is that my husband enjoys watching me practice it, so it’s become our little ritual. It turned out to be great for our marriage (if you know what I mean). Thanks Ms. Maat!!!

Sheree G., Yonkers, NY

As a 37 year-old I think Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow is an excellent idea. Great for anyone that leads a busy life and can’t afford to get a gym membership…you actually feel the burn and intensity when doing the exercises in correct form.

Theona J., New York, NY

In my opinion, Monifa’s Bed Aerobics physical fitness system is the most unique and subtle but effective form of exercise that has appeared on the holistic scene in quite some time…I say holistic because it includes the whole spiritual and mental element of working out as well. As a man, I was surprised because the book really appealed to me.Go figure! I bought two though–one for my Mom and my sister.”

D.C., “Charlotte, NC

Note: Monifa teaches Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow classes sponsored by Emblem Health Neighborhood Care Harlem, New York City. (For more information on BAFF classes call 1-866-469-0999)